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Who we are

Collectively, our surgeons have over 25 years of experience working in Specialist Small Animal Surgery, with over 15 years as qualified Specialists. 

Here are examples of the types of procedures we perform at MVS: 

  • Fracture repair 
    • We deal with an array of fracture types ranging from ‘Simple’ fractures right through to highly comminuted, complex fractures   
    • Articular fractures
      • These fractures affect the joint and require accurate management to limit long term issues
    • Fixation techniques 
      • Internal fixation with locking plates, screws, pins and wires  
      • External skeletal fixation (linear and circular)
  • Arthroscopy
    • Key-hole surgery can be performed for diagnosis and treatment.  The joints which can be approached include:
      • Carpus (wrist joint)
      • Elbow
      • Shoulder
      • Tarsus (hock or ankle joint)
      • Stifle (knee joint)
      • Hip 
  • Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (TPLO)
    • From recent literature, this is the treatment most likely to return the best limb function
    • Our surgeons have collectively performed over 1000 TPLO surgeries
  • Total hip replacement 
    • Over 100 cases of total hip replacement performed as a team
    • We have experience in both canine and feline patients
    • Cemented and cementless techniques available
  • Angular limb deformity corrective surgery 
    • These growth deformities most commonly affect the front limbs but can sometimes affect the hind limbs  
    • Techniques used to manage short ulna syndrome such as ulnar osteotomy / ostectomy
    • For complex deformities, limb straightening surgery is often required and the bones can be stabilised with bone plates and screws but some patients will require external skeletal fixation  
  • Patellar luxation corrective surgery
    • Medial and lateral luxations can be treated
    • Canine and feline patients can be managed  
    • Often more than one technique is required to manage a patient.  Some of the techniques used to treat these conditions are: 
      • Quadriceps mechanism realignment  
      • Tibial tuberosity transposition  
      • Distal femoral osteotomy / ostectomy
      • Proximal tibial osteotomy / ostectomy
      • Trochleoplasty
        • En-Block
        • Wedge  
      • Imbrication techniques
      • Soft tissue releasing procedures  
  • Arthrodesis
    • Pancarpal and partial carpal arthrodesis
    • Pantarsal and partial tarsal arthrodesis
    • Shoulder
    • Elbow
    • Stifle





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  • “Ben you have been amazing. We can’t thank you enough.”

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  • “Specialist skills combined with a humble & passionate approach”

  • “Steve is my number one choice for orthopaedic requirements for my dogs”

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  • “Steve, your follow-up care given was second to none – not only for our dogs but to us too”

  • “Thanks Ben. Floyd is now fit and back to terrorising the local wildlife”

  • “Steve, your follow-up care given was second to none – not only for our dogs but to us too”

  • “Steve, thanks to your expertise Rosie and Daisy have a significantly better quality of life”